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Silver Line S300LF, S330LF


S300LF / S330LF
9'10" long, 15HP / 10'10" long, 25HP

5 good reasons to choose GRAND
Both S300LF and S330LF are the lightest deluxe dinghies with GRP hull ona market! Just check out the weights!
S300LF with 9'10" length is the smallest deluxe center console dinghy on a market!
Best feature of GRAND - fiberglass step ends of the tube for exceptional performance and easy boarding!
Removable bow seat for S300LF and S330LF is a standard and comfortable seating place at the bow.
S330LF comes with optional removable side seat, so boat can accommodate up to 4 adults comfortably!
Video Presentations
GRAND Silver Line S300LF with 9.8HP - Presentation and test drive

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